using burp when pivoting

i like to run all my web traffic through a local intercepting proxy like burp

i was initially confused as to how to use burp with an ssh tunnel and proxychains

was i supposed to socksify burp itself with proxychains, for example?

actually no… you just run burp normally and configure it to use¬†your tunnel

  1. set up your pivot (e.g port 9050)
  2. burp -> user options tab -> socks proxy -> localhost 9050

the options imply you can conditionally socksify based on IP (meaning a seamless switch between socksified and non socksified targets), but that didn’t work out for me. ¬†perhaps it’s a pro-only option

additionally, in the free version at least, you can only configure a single socks proxy

basically you have to enable/disable or change burp’s socks options every time you address a different network

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