shellnoob takes shellcode in one format and generates output in another

i discovered it by accident in kali, typing ‘shell’ and then tab, thinking i would get ‘shellter’.  ‘shellnoob?  ooh, what is this?’ 🙂

supported input formats: asm, obj, bin, hex, c, shellstorm

supported output formats: asm, obj, exe, bin, hex, c, completec, python, bash, ruby, pretty, safeasm

examples of what you can do:

  • convert hex or binary shellcode into asm to inspect it
  • write or modify asm and convert it into a convenient format
  • wrap any shellcode with a c program that will load it into an WRX region and execute it (‘completec’)

standard command format:

shellnoob –from-<input_format> /fullpathto/input.file –to-<output_format> /fullpathto/output.file


shellnoob –from-bin $PWD/shellcode.bin –to-asm $PWD/shellcode.asm


  1. shellnoob works with full paths.  if you don’t specify a full path it will assume that the file lives in its home directory (you don’t want this)
  2. shellnoob can accept stdin/stdout (use a hyphen instead of a filename)
  3. shellnoob sometimes barfs when pumping asm to stdout, using a file for output works fine though

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