about this blog

this blog is a place to record my experiences in, and thoughts regarding, professional white hat infosec, privacy and surveillance technology, and so on

wherever there is talk of compromising or exploiting something, it will be

  • something i’ve set up in my own private lab environment, or
  • something in a 3rd party pen testing lab environment, or
  • something i was authorized to work on by the owner
    • e.g. bug bounty target (facebook, google, …)
    • e.g. as a result of a professional engagement

this blog certainly does not in any way condone or encourage illegal activities, and i certainly do not engage in any myself

this is a purely personal blog, written in my free time, and as such is in no way intended to imply or reflect the opinions and attitutes of the company i work for, or its staff

the minimalistic style and lack of capitalization/punctualization are all intentional and experimental style choices.  in a corporate setting, where such things may be important to some people, my communication style is completely different

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